Endurance, passion and versatility – that's what WASA AG stands for. However these characteristics were not supported through their communication efforts.


A modern, responsive web design meticulously designed according to the principle of "mobile first" now encapsulates the brand presence of WASA AG. To sharpen the brand essence, we were able to develop a key visual with the triathlete that reflects the attributes of ”endurance, passion and versatility". Technically, the site was implemented with WordPress, which guarantees the customer an extremely user-friendly CMS maintenance.

Wasa ipad visual screenshot
"To put it bluntly: how does one sell a wide product assortment including charming wooden and plastic boards as well as manufactured concrete blocks? You have to make the topic tangible. I think, we did it really well."
Stefan Herber

Copywriter for WASA
Created a second source of income in the concrete Industry.

Wasa tecboard bg
"I can't remember ever seeing an episode of "Sendung mit der Maus" about production boards. Exactly that made the work as a designer so exciting: the immersion into strange or unusual topics."
Heiko Lars Winter

Creative Lead for WASA
Meanwhile, a production board specialist.



Development of a new multilingual corporate website including creation of a key visual, a new tonality and an overall impression to represent the attributes of the company - while at the same time matching the niche product and the specific B2B target Group.

"Thanks to the unrelenting support and trustworthy cooperation with CAMAO AG, we have even further expanded our position in the market. We are happy to know that our brand presence is in good hands for the future."

Matthias Bechtold,

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