With a WordPress-based CMS and corresponding workshops for the client, we were able to guarantee that not a single digital production board would accumulate dust. Thanks to the mobile-first solution, a sleek and user-friendly design complete with a new visual language and strong messages was born, which met the standards of WASA.
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"Thanks to the unrelenting support and trustworthy cooperation with CAMAO AG, we have even further expanded our position in the market. We are happy to know that our brand presence is in good hands for the future."

Matthias Bechtold
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„Platt ausgedrückt: Wie verkauft man auf charmant Holz- und Kunststoffplatten zur Herstellung von Betonsteinen? Indem man das Thema greifbar macht. Ich glaub‘, uns ist das echt gut gelungen.“

Stefan Herber
Copywriter for WASA
Created a second source of income in the concrete industry.


Perhaps the most striking feature of the new design and for us a sign of success: the triathlete as the key visual, which optimally embodies the three major disciplines of WASA AG - endurance, passion, versatility. In addition, more than 8,000 product and image brochures were produced in up to six languages. A strong new beginning for a one-of-a-kind brand – both offline and online.
"I can't remember ever seeing an episode of "Sendung mit der Maus" about production boards. Exactly that made the work as a designer so exciting: the immersion into strange or unusual topics."
Heiko Lars Winter
Creative Lead for WASA
Meanwhile, a production board specialist.


Whoever believes that product boards can't be sexy is completely off. Our tasks: create a new, unmistakable "look" consistent with current corporate design, develop a mobile-first concept from the first step onwards, write self-confident copy, and perhaps the most exciting of all, sparing with the client. Through this idea derby, the phrase "working on equal footing" was given new life.