We made the campaign into a rigid but varying communication device. For example, we created comprehensive imagery and a pre-production meeting for the photo shoot. A storyboard including a Rough Cut for the cinema spot, which inspires the target group in addition to creating and sharing their own content.

„What does your heart beat for?” – the new campaign for Tyrol Advertising distinguishes Tyrol from the competition as a one-of-a-kind destination. With emotional communication and an integrated communication concept we clearly position Tyrol as the “heart of the Alps”.


We transformed the brand identity from a one-way communication into an interactive 360° story: The focus is on the people and their connection to Tyrol. As the central pillar of the campaign is, their stories are collected and create an authentic mosaic of the heart of the Alps. Through this collection, residents and tourists become part of Tyrolean history through social media and Tyrol becomes a part of their hearts.


The website is the heart of the campaign. Not only for user-generated content, but all online and offline measures direct to the page. Online banners, pre-rolls, advertorials, blog posts and various activities on Tyrol's own channels have attracted even more people into the heart of the Alps - both digitally and physically. And with over 100,000 #lovetirol posts on Instagram it is sustainably successful.

"Our heart beats together for the campaign. We are proud of the consistent implementation across all channels."

Janine Hofmann, Head of Design at Tirol Werbung GmbH

"As a passionate Tyrol lover, the topic was of course close to my heart. It has been an exciting task to create a campaign that opens up an emotional world that can be complex but also flexible enough to work across seasons and markets.“

Verena Carolin Ingrid Boehnisch