Profound knowledge from decades of intense research transferred into a steadily growing portal

Just after two months, "1,000 Days" accumulated over 10,000 fans on Facebook.

The opportunity to work on "1,000 Days" came from a direct recommendation from a PR-Agency, "Bauchgefühl". It is a partnership that connected us throughout the project.

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Development of a modern platform, constructed with a Symfony-based CMS, a full range of features and designed for all the requirements by the editors. SEO must be a priority, plus tracking and social media interfaces are a must.


A modern platform that encourages new parents to share ideas with each other, but also inspires with recipes and weekly plans. For user-friendliness, all phases can be found on individual subpages. All social media posts are automatically shown, so the newest posts are instantly on the page. The custom built CMS eases the creation and maintenance of content.
"For me, the excitement from this project was doubled: to create something with Symfony that will remain flexible and expandable in the future and at the same time, to become a dad myself."
Thorsten Stefani
Lead Developer for "1,000 Days"
As brand new dad, he experienced the 1,000 days in real life during the project.