Together with Bauchgefühl, we created a hub for content and
dialogue - responsive and mobile. The CMS based on Symfony was specifically developed by us and offers comprehensive features, is tailored to all of the needs of editors, and very simple in terms of maintenance. On top, there were all editorial workshops.
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The Portal, and the Instagram and Facebook accounts witnessed steady growth. The importance of mobile was shown through two-thirds of the traffic to the portal. On top, all predefined KPIs were achieved. Agile and yet sustainable, a portal emerged that grew daily and thus provided the basis for a cross-media campaign.

Just after two months, "1,000 Days" accumulated over 10,000 fans on Facebook.
"For me, the excitement from this project was doubled: to create something with Symfony that will remain flexible and expandable in the future and at the same time, to become a dad myself."
Thorsten Stefani
Lead Developer for "1,000 Days"
As brand new dad, he experienced the 1,000 days in real life during the project.
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"I found it great that with this project, we could give a real added
value to parents and could help in their daily routine. Especially exciting was the conceptional consulting and the continuous dialog."
Patrick Herber
Concept Developer for "1,000 Days"
Not a dad himself, but still likes kids.
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The opportunity to work on "1,000 Days" came from a direct recommendation from a PR-Agency, "Bauchgefühl". It is a partnership that connected us throughout the project.


Also an exciting project for us: taking the concentrated knowledge of decades of intense research work and transferring it to a constantly growing portal - from concept to design, all the way to programming and "Go Live". And on top of that: the coordination of various groups and unions as well as the reconquering of already taken domain names.