After countless sleepless nights, laughter to hold back the tears, and 187 resolved issues later, the new website for Karwendel Silver Region was ready to shine in all of it's splendor. On top of the code and concept, we got an inside look into the life and work of the Silver Region, which reflected in the wonderful relationship with our client and the great cooperation.


The new CMS Neos did a great job for us. Even our distinctive "retronovative" design was well represented. A spark of nostalgia and the newest technology had come together. Thanks to behavior tracking, visitors are shown only what is relevant for them. And with the integrated social sharing functions, it was just a mouse-click away from friends and family.
Karwendel mobil smartphone screenshots
Karwendel Illustration Karwendolin Maskottchen
"I believe working with Neos opened up new thought processes for
 the entire team. The result was therefore even better!"
Andrea Sandau
Lead Designer Website Relaunch
Even while hailing from the Lower Rhine, started longing for the mountains during the project.
"We have been looking for an agency that really understands our
RETRONOVATIVE positing and has a real connection to it. Therefore, we are all the more pleased with the successful relaunch of the website, which now has the technology to allow our guests to take advantage of the digital offer in a particularly user-friendly way as well as respond directly to their interests.
Karwendel Illustration schwarz-weiß Rodeln


Mascots are a tradition in Tyrol. It makes sense that the Silver Region wanted to beautify theirs. So, we created the new "Karwendolin"!

Karwendel macbook start gestaltung


The interaction of the three facets is important. The old website was retro, too retro, and it wasn't standing up to the increasing demands from the network. It was necessary to build a website with innovative features, which feels native on all platforms so that it is happily visited, no matter whether with smartphone, tablet, or desktop.